Hello. We are GAMESWITCH and we host game servers in London. We have been doing it for eight years, so we’re quite good at it now. We have this really neat control panel which lets you swap games instantly. And probably some other cool stuff, too.

Call of Duty 5 Available on S2

Game Servers

  • Unique, GameSwitch-built control system;
  • One-click game switching & mod setup;
  • 7-day phone and online support;
  • No limits: full admin and FTP access;
  • Superb connectivity in the heart of the UK’s internet - Globalswitch 2, London Docklands - unlike other companies hosting an hour past the M25!

Software Solutions

  • Flagship S2 Management System
  • Bespoke programming and design
  • Game server interfacing and management consultancy
  • Modular distributed management systems ranging from control of a single process to processes spread across multi-site networks.


  • Game server cluster management for single events (e.g. LANs), or ongoing maintenance of any number of servers, large or small.
  • S2 Management System access as standard, with free engineer installation.

About GameSwitch

Founded in 2002, GameSwitch has endured to provide excellent service in a market which often sees hosts lasting months, weeks or even days. Our ethos has always been to provide an excellent and reliable service without profiteering compromise. So, while clans and teams change, we have found the same customers coming back again and again, and this has been the cause of our stability for seventeen years.

Our servers are housed in Globalswitch 2 in the London Docklands, providing vastly superior peering to major European ISPs and low latency to our customers. Uptime is assured by Rotary Diesel UPS sets with a 24*7 fuel contract in place. Furthermore, we are a UK registered limited company and provide telephone support to our customers seven days a week, so that you can be assured that your game servers will always work for you.