GameSwitch is a European Game Service Provider, offering services to both gamers and other businesses in the game hosting industry. Our aim is to provide the gaming community with reliable, low-cost, flexible and low-latency services to European gamers whilst innovating the area of game server management and control.

Founded in 2002, GameSwitch has endured to provide excellent service in a market which often sees hosts lasting months, weeks or even days. All of our staff members have been in gaming teams; have led them; and as such we truly understand the needs of our customers. Our ethos has always been to provide an excellent and reliable service without profiteering compromise. So, while clans and teams change, we have found the same customers coming back again and again, and this has been the cause of our stability for seventeen years.

Our servers are housed in Globalswitch 2 in the London Docklands, providing vastly superior peering to major European ISPs and low latency to our customers. Uptime is assured by Rotary Diesel UPS sets with a 24*7 fuel contract in place. Furthermore, we are a UK registered limited company and provide telephone support to our customers seven days a week, so that you can be assured that your game servers will always work for you.

Our computing array is managed and administered by the S2 Management System - a software system designed and programmed by GameSwitch which allows a higher degree of automation of our buisness, taking on any tasks which are able to be automated, allowing us to put our staff to better use in working on the intricacies and secrets of the game servers we host. This automation of tasks and new role of our staff both together result in a far more flexible and refined service for our customers.


Why should I choose GameSwitch?
GameSwitch is a reputable company which has been providing gaming services for seventeen years. We have a unique control panel, and we are one of the few hosts that allow you to instantly switch between all of our games! We are more interested in providing a useful service for the gaming community than maximising profits, and so at GameSwitch you won't find overloaded hardware or poor connections.

We are also a registered limited company in the UK and have a phone support line - GameSwitch is a serious company which cares for its customers.
When will my server be ready?
Once we have received payment, setup is usually between five minutes and half an hour if there are staff members available, otherwise almost always same-day.
How can I pay?
We accept payment by credit card or debit card through our payment processor, Google Checkout, and we accept payment by PayPal. You don't need a Google or PayPal account to order a server from us. We also accept bank transfer, bankgiro, cash and personal cheques.
How can I contact you if I need support?
For low-priority support requests, you can simple create a ticket in the S2 Management System, and one of our staff members will resolve the issue as soon as possible. Also, for all kinds of support queries you can call us on 0871 218 4263 between 8am and 10.30pm UK time.
What if I'm not happy with the server?
Although extremely unlikely, if you aren't happy with the service, we will give you a total refund if you are in the first week of service with us. After that, you can cancel the service with us and we won't charge you again on your next due payment date. We do offer a 30 hour trial however so that you have enough time to give our service a good testing before you go ahead and order.
Can you support game/mod XYZ?
We can support games and addons which aren't on our lists if there is a Linux dedicated version available as the GameSwitch platform is currently Linux-only. Please feel free to contact us and we will investigate for you.