Founded in August 2002, GameSwitch has been a company at the forefront of expansion and development in the online multi-player video gaming industry in the areas of customer-needs-based service control and on-demand high availability services, both supplying game hosting services to gamers and multiple management software products, including the flagship S2 Management System, and bespoke solutions to individuals and businesses world-wide.

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Raid in Stockholm
31st May 2006
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2nd June 2006
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GameSwitch celebrates
15th August 2007
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Mr Christopher Adams (English) +44 (0)7528721259

Mr Patrick Jankovic (Svenska)

What We Do

The primary service we offer is the hosting of game servers. Many game players have, for over a decade now, played PC games online, mostly of the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre. In such a game, all of the participants control their player within a virtual environment generated by the game; most matches between participants will have two teams, perhaps fighting for a victory of "frags" (killings of virtual players), or there may be an objective involved, for example the popular "Capture the Flag" game type.

How, then, do the computers of participants in the game interact so that the participants can all appear together in the same virtual environment? This is where the game server comes in: on a central computer which all the participants' computers can access, generally on the internet, the game server runs as a software process. This piece of software administrates the game, calculates the physics and events in the virtual environment, and distributes information about the environment, the game state and other participants to all of the computers connected to it. This is the service that GameSwitch provides - we provide a game server process to each of our customers which they can configure however they like (adjusting game settings, making the game server private so that only chosen people can connect, et cetera) and maintain its smooth operation in a secure, stable and (crucially) well-networked computing environment.

GameSwitch's approach to the business is one of technical superiority, combined with over eight years' corporate experience in online gaming. Our approach is to innovate in finding new methods for our customers to control their game servers and new methods for our customers' game servers to be maintained and managed, slowly but surely removing the technical aspect of renting a game server allowing both GameSwitch staff and customers to put their efforts to more important things; for us, finding the optimal values for each game and adapting to meet our customers' requests; for our customers, getting on and playing the game.