Our unique S2 Management System now makes it easy to have your own game server. The whole system is fully automated and controls every aspect of your server's operation meaning that you don't have to learn any complicated commands.

Moving through stages of improvement and re-development over the last three years, S2 is one of the most advanced real-time game server control panels in the world, allowing for limitless numbers of services, packages, processes and configurations, with instant and effortless switching between games and configurations. As our system has been coded in-house by GameSwitch, we have been able to cater for all our customers' needs, and we continue to do so.

Also, as our system is fully dynamic, you can control your server in every way, even switching between games and different configurations, without having to contact GameSwitch! Listed here are some of the features of the control panel:

See any important news posted with regards to our services on the homepage of the panel

View information about all of your 'processes'

Start / stop and restart your server at any time

Apply your saved configurations to your server as you please

View and manage your port assignments

See usage graphs for your server over the last 24 hours and the last 7 days

View the logs for your server as well as a log of control panel actions

Create and manage as many configurations as you like across all of our supported games

Choose from a list of 'packages', add-ons to your server when configuring e.g mods

Our system makes configuration simple

Contact support and keep track of the status of your ticket