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GameSwitch Still Offline


2nd June 2006

StockholmTwo days after the police raids, ThePirateBay and all of the other businesses and individuals caught up in the police operation are still offline, including GameSwitch, with no sign of their equipment’s release any time soon.

“Currently all of our hardware is impounded by Stockholm Police; they have asked for administration access details so that they can investigate our data without dismantling our equipment.” explains director of GameSwitch, Christopher Adams. “These administration details give the police access to all the data we possess; our financial records, software products, details of our customers and also of individuals who have visited our website. This is an outrageous and unnecessary invasion of privacy, both for ourselves and for our customers but we have no choice but to co-operate.”

The hosting providers of GameSwitch whose premises were raided on Wednesday, PRQ Inet, have been striving - even though all of their equipment has been taken - to bring customers back online. The company has produced replacement hardware out of thin air to bring their network infrastructure back online but they are also making efforts to help their customers,

“PRQ have very generously put us back online with a temporary server that they have acquired at no cost to us.” said Patrick Jankovic, Director, “It is not of the required power to service customers but it is certainly enough to put our web pages and e-mail back online so that we can keep in touch with customers, which is the most important thing in a situation like this one. We stand to lose a lot of our reputation in the industry as a result of this but we are very grateful for the overwhelming support and patience that our customers have given us in this time”.

“This whole sequence of events has been far beyond PRQ’s control and their treatment of us considering the circumstances has been exemplary, far beyond the call of duty. Even with all of their equipment seized by the Police, they are still showing loyalty to their customers rather than the pursuit of their hardware, loaning equipment and bringing their infrastructure back online surely at enormous cost to them.”

“GameSwitch is still offline and unable to provide services to their monthly subscribed customers and is losing more and more money as time goes on. I have heard suggestions that it may take weeks for us to retrieve our hardware – in that instance we will have to start our business up again when our equipment is returned, for that equipment is all we will have left. We humbly request that the completion of this grand inquisition into the affairs of GameSwitch and countless other unrelated and innocent parties be immediately forthcoming.”


For further questions, please contact:

Mr Christopher Adams (English) Director +44 7967904237

Mr Patrick Jankovic (Svenska) Director +46 737827937